Properly Honing Your Straight Razor

When you receive your razor blade, or after it’s been used a bit the blade will become dull through use; you’ll want to hone[sharpen] the blade to make sure you get the most effective shave out of it every time it touches your face.

How Often Should You Hone?
There is a lot of debate over how often you should sharpen your blade. I personally recommend honing as soon as you start to feel a bit of a drag across your stubble. When the blade isn’t doing as good of a job on your cheeks and face, it’s probably time to sharpen that blade!

Wet or Dry Honing?
A lot of other manufacturers recommend using water with their honing, while just about the same amount swear by a dry honing.  With that being said, this is the part where I tell you to decide for yourself.

Try both and see what result suits you and your blade the best. Everyone’s technique is a bit different so don’t be shy about experimenting and finding what works best for you personally.

How do I Wet Hone?
For a wet hone you’ll start by wetting your honing stone with water, then periodically adding more water at intervals while honing. You want to make sure that the stone is being held stationary on a flat surface to avoid it slipping around and messing stuff up for you.

With your strong hand, hold the blade with your thumb and forefinger then place the blade flat on the stone so that the blade and the spine are both touching the stone.

Using an equal amount of pressure push the razor with the edge leading until you get to the edge of the hone. It’s important that you hone the whole edge with each individual stroke, so if your razor is wider that the stone you’re using you’ll want to move the blade diagonally across the hone.

Then when you arrive at the end of the hone, flip the blade over and push back again in the same motion on the opposite side. (Check it out below)

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 12.42.15 AM

Important to note when honing:
Make sure you keep the blade DEAD FLAT when honing and never allow the spine of the razor to life off while honing, or else you’ll chance damaging the blade and making it blunt.  Those are no fun to shave with, I promise. Keep that thing flat, bro…

It’s also just as important to complete the same amount of strokes and equal pressure on each side of the blade to ensure the best possible results.

When Is It Sharp Enough– How Do I Know?
There are a few ways to tell if the blade is ready to go; I like to test it by placing the blade behind a single arm hair (assuming you also grow hair on your arms?..) if it cuts it cleanly without issue then it should be sharp enough to do the same on your beard.

After checking these tips off the list you can try stropping it then shaving with it. If it’s still not cutting to your liking take it back to the stone and repeat these steps.

Still Not Quite Getting It? Leave It To The Experts.
I’m not a big fan of honing my own blades really. Not because it’s super difficult, but more because I’m lazy and would rather let someone who does it regularly make sure it’s done correctly. Don’t feel bad about having someone else do it, you’re still the one doing the shaving so you have that to hold on to.

Whatever you decide, take pride in knowing that you are making an effort to learn a timeless tradition that is a cut-throat shave. That in itself is something to be proud of.

Now treat yourself to a custom made Straight Razor on our shop at and really take the art of the cut-throat shave to the next level.

And as always… Keep It Classy.

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