How To Dress When It’s Not Your Wedding

It’s that time of year again; everyone is getting married, and you just happen to be the man they all want at their side. Sure, it can be a bit taxing during wedding season. Having to sober up after a long night of drinking and dancing– multiply that by the 2 or 3 weddings you have that month and you’re lookin at one hell of a wedding season.

But that isn’t a bad thing! You’re the “cool guy” at the reception that everyone looks forward to seeing, or are happy to have met. Aside from the groom you are the main man that people remember from your good friend’s special day!

On the other hand, attending a wedding can build a bit of pressure even if you’re not in the wedding party. You’re a dapper fellow and therefore need to make your mark and shine… while attempting to not burn brighter than the groom of course. You don’t wanna piss the bride off.  Trust me.

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I’ve attended one wedding myself so far this season and have two more to take part in over the next 2 months, so in order to truly show my appreciation for the invite I make it a point to put in just as much effort as the wedding party itself; at least where my appearance and demeanor is concerned.

But how do you dress to impress without wearing a tux of your own? The entire wedding party will be decked out like there’s no tomorrow, and your options are little to none without walking in that bitch in a wedding gown of your own right?

No, no, no sweet child. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, if you walk in there as a grown man wearing a wedding dress I can guarantee you’re going to make quite the opposite of a good impression. Let me tell you what I’ve done so far this season; all with the great results along the way.

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Two words: Casual Dress…

Mix your dress game with your street game. Mixing it up a bit separates you from everyone else wearing a full suit. This puts you above the dull noise of the endless windsor knots and black suit jackets.

For example I went to this recent wedding as a guest of the groom wearing black and white weaved pattern loafers [almost small checkers] blue and white crazy looking dress socks, dark blue slacks, a white fitted button up with small black accent patterns, a lighter blue vest, and a black bowtie.  Fleek as F*ck.

It was about 82 degrees out so I didn’t wear a jacket, but probably wouldn’t have regardless of cooler weather. Top it off with some trendy sunglasses and a few beaded bracelets and I was the close to the only guy there wearing anything remotely close to unique.

I kept it clean and upscale, but didn’t cop out by going with the easy single color suit, necktie, and black socks.  That’s an everyday look for formal events, so you have to expect to be matching the majority if you take the easy route.


Don’t dumb down your style for the their sake, just separate yourself from their look so you’re not competition.

This is the most important thing to remember. If you pride yourself on being the best dressed dude in every room you walk in, it would be offensive to be asked not to outdo someone else. You’re a debonair man and strive to be the best at everything you do, so these demands simply won’t stand.

Luckily when it comes to weddings you can almost expect to see tuxes in the spotlight, therefore making your competition as a bystander slim to none, style wise.  It’s not very often that you’ll witness a fashion show on the dancefloor while the hourly DJ is spinning late 90s dance tracks.

You shouldn’t have any problem making an impact simply by attending so long as you stick to your guns.  Then again your ability to dress and impress was never the issue here, just your efforts to kill it without killing any friendships in the process.

Just keep it classy and formal without being too predictable.  Any small accessories that would generally be considered unconventional for the setting will draw attention your way.  And he only bad attention at a wedding is you having a few too many drinks and trying to reenact breakdancing moves from a movie you recently watched.

You and everyone else are expected to look your best while keeping the spotlight on the wedding party. Don’t feel bad about being the most confident you’re capable of, and bust out that green dress shirt your ex girlfriend always hated. Own that shit and set yourself apart by being yourself.  Everyone will appreciate the courage.

Just remember in the midst of all this excitement… Keep it classy.

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