Drinking With The Guys Helps Keep You Healthy

“What’s that?!” you say…  “Hanging with the boys keeps my health on lock?… Bullsh*t!”

If you actually said that, you need to calm down for a minute.  I’m trying to hook you up with some solid reasons to hang with the guys more! No hard feelings.

The thing is that giving up drinking may actually be more irresponsible than we’ve been told. A new study at Oxford University discovered that going out for a few drinks isn’t just fun, but pretty much essential.

The question was conducted by Robin Dunbar from Oxford University’s social and evolutionary neuroscience research group. The study determined that men must physically meet with four friends, at least twice a week, in order to fully benefit from their bromance.

The benefits included a stronger immune system, releasing endorphins, and a huge decrease in anxiety. After a few drinks they also noticed higher levels of generosity; not surprisingly– who’s buying the next round?!

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It’s recommended that men actually “do things” while they’re together hanging out; not just sit around, but go out and experience some stuff. Doing things together as a group reinforces their sense of teamwork and camaraderie.  “Bonds can be formed through a range of activities from team sports, to male banter,” Dunbar claims.

The same study showed that 1 in 3 men in the United Kingdom find it hard to meet with friends as little as once a week on a regular basis, and that 40% of men are only able to bro-down once a week sporadically.

Regardless of 20% spending their days interacting in other ways, such as in passing, social media, online gaming or via telephone, there is a need for men to get together in person to keep the bonds strong enough to reap the benefits of them. Dunbar went so far as to suggest having a few drinks and some good shit talkin’ to achieve this. (He may not have used those exact words)

So there is is, Gentleman. Now you have an excuse to make more plans with the fellas, and throw back a few more brews than you normally would on a work night.  I always knew that the bar was more beneficial than they had lead us to believe. Drink responsibly, and keep it classy.

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