5 Daily Products Every Dapper Man Needs

Most of the time when you think about being presentable and well-kept you may think of matching your belt with your shoes, tucking in your shirt, lining up your facial hair, etc… These are all important things to practice, don’t get me wrong if I end up diverting your attention away from these– for the love of god keep doing them.

I’m just referring to a few that one may not immediately think of when getting ready for their day.  I’m gonna list some very important (yet very small) details that you won’t notice nearly as much as everyone around you does… and that’s what we’re going for after all.

1.) Moisturizers

Wait, what? I only use lotion for my night time web browsing you might say?  Well I don’t particularly need to hear about those details, but more power to you. Friction burn can be a bitch.

Moisturizers are mostly used for daily upkeep believe it or not; and they’re not just for the ladies! For starters they will help reduce wrinkles, and also prevent your face from getting too oily and causing breakouts.  Moisturizing your face will prevent excess oil from being produced to prevent dryness.

In addition to that, have you ever shaken someone’s hand and felt their dry, cracking palm scraping your palm on the release? No one likes that shit… Lotion your hands regularly.

2.) Hair Products

This is a given to most, but that doesn’t mean we can leave it out. There may be some messy headed dudes who think wearing a hat is their saving grace. *wipes tear*

Hats are cool, I dig hats, but you can’t depend on them to cover up your lack of care for a silky smooth, well kept man mane. Whether you prefer a slick backed top or a messy head, you still need to use the right type of hold to prevent looking like you make it a point to be electrocuted throughout the day.

Loose hold pomades will keep your head looking messy and natural, while taming all the strays that separate the dapper from the homeless.  Just as a firmer hold gel or putty will allow you to mold that mane like you’re chiseling the head of a Greek statue.

3.) Fingernail Kits
manicure kit

Okay so here’s where we have to suck up our testosterone and accept the fact that guys sometimes need a nail file.  Pretend it’s for a future prison break if you need to, just make sure you have one on hand.

No woman is going to thank the gods that your hangnail got snagged on her scarf while you were trying to get hansy. “So manly, OMG Paul Bunyan please scrape that callus on my ass cheek next.” <– This will never be a thing that happens.

You gotta keep those nails smooth; not only for others’ sake, but as well as your own. Filing the points off of freshly clipped nails will prevent ingrown nails from happening on your hands and feet. Helping avoid infection and the ever hated nail snag on silk bed sheets.

4.) Cologne

Ahh yes, the man’s perfume– what separates us from our beastly ancestors, and initiates the double take head turn from passerbys.

There is a lot to say about when to wear cologne and what kind to wear, and for which occasion.  That’s all somewhat relative to what you like personally though. I myself wear it everyday– a light mist in the morning after my shower and I’m golden.

I prefer a lighter, fresh scent as a daily wear, and a heavier woodland scent for meetings and business events. Think of it as a power tie in the form of a scent: the intensity needs to equal the impact you are trying to make with your choice.

Nonetheless, you want to find your signature scent that works well with your body chemistry and make that your daily brand.  Just don’t overdue it.

I was gonna end it there, then thought I’d give you a little bonus.

5.) Beard Oils and Balms
beard balm oil

This won’t apply to everybody, yet I felt the need to include it since a good portion of you gentleman do rock some facial hair.  Beard oils are great! …That’s it.  Was I supposed to say more?

Okay fine, beard oils are excellent at making sure your face doesn’t dry out after being covered by your beard all day.  The oil allows it to penetrate through the coarse hairs and get deep down into your skin to moisturize the skin and hair, while helping promote growth and strength– most of them smell awesome too.

The balm helps moisturize and strengthen as well, but also acts as a less constrictive wax; keeping your rogue hairs in place, and allowing you to shape your beard, style your stache, and give it a slight shine.

Take these tips as you need them, and do your best to be the best along the way.

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